Sania Saeed handbook to life

Sania Saeed handbook to life

As she meets yet another journalist waiting to interview her, her kindness seeps through the door and across the room. Sania Saeed is like the sun; she shines brightly in every room she enters.

And this is a good spot to end discussing her because, as Saeed puts it, “I don’t want to be merely ‘famous.'”

“I want to make a lasting impression on select people when I depart this earth.” I wanted them to know that I decided to work for causes that I was passionate about. I have done my best to donate what I can, whether it was to ACF, TCF, or the Kiran Foundation.

“The audience will be unaware, but the brotherhood will be.” I want them to remember me as someone who contributed to creating a fair and professional atmosphere for the industry. And this isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a daily decision to spend your life in the direction of your dreams.”

Saeed discusses why she chose to return to Khoosat’s films, citing the positive response to Joyland at Cannes and the upcoming release of Kamli, another Sarmad Khoosat film.

“It’s not coming back — myself, Samiya (Mumtaz), and Nimra (Bucha) have the same structure and mentality.” It’s not that we’re going back, but rather that we’ve already arrived.

“I was ecstatic when I read the script for Kamli. It’s a really graphic novel that incorporates space and time into each character’s experience. I was apprehensive about how tough it would be to represent that visually, but then I remembered, ‘well, it’s Sarmad.'”

We’ve watched her mature as an actress over the previous three decades, establishing herself as a ‘thinking man’s actor’ on Pakistan’s radar. While this may appear to be a compliment, it does not cover Saeed’s complete range of abilities.

“Sania hon gi tu acha hi ho ga (if Sania’s in it, it’s going to be excellent)” is a sincere response to her name. Despite the fact that such acclaim is well-deserved and well-earned, and Saeed is a seasoned pro, she admits that the phenomenon is “frightening.”

“You are concerned about falling flat on your face or failing your audience,” she explains. “We worry about how things will come together before we get on set, but once we’re there, it’s easy.”

Sania Saeed sees a glimpse of hope in every issue she discusses, whether it’s her career, her hair, or how her life has gone thus far. What is her height? It has never been an issue. What’s with the super-curly hair? For work, she straightened it twice. A performance that falls short of her own or her audience’s expectations? She cleans it up.

Sania Saeed handbook to life “Buri performance hogayi tu hum kehte hain,” she jokes, “‘nazar battoo hai’.”

When confronted with particular questions, however, everyone, no matter how self-assured, can second-guess themselves. When these issues are raised, Saeed, with her experience, unquestionable expertise, and what appears to be an overriding optimism about life, can be given pause.

To be honest, if we look at Saeed’s full portfolio, we can see that she has a wide range of media and skills. She’ll play a devoted housewife on television while also convincingly portraying a flirtatious, elderly socialite on stage. Sania Saeed doesn’t play only one note; it’s simply that when she first came out and got prominence, she didn’t have any competitors. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, no one was as youthful, brilliant, or exuberant as Saeed, and she outshone any costars who did share the screen with her.

Today, that beginnings, along with all of Saeed’s subsequent success and skill polishing, has cemented his reputation as a serious actor, one from whom we demand nothing but the best, but also one who, on occasion, we believe has nothing to give except serious, thought-provoking characters and story arcs.

Saeed’s image is shaped in part by the people with whom she collaborates. “I’ve had the wonderful fortune of being linked with terrific productions and brilliant people,” she adds, “and when you continuously choose to work with extremely devoted, credible individuals—different people, but credible—the audience association comes with it.”

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This is where it becomes evident why Sania Saeed has been so fortunate. Everything, she says, comes down to personal preference.

“You won’t learn anything if you’re afraid of failing.” Isn’t that how it goes in life?

Don’t become trapped if you fail; you don’t simply stay there. It isn’t life; that isn’t what life is supposed to be about. You’re suppose to take chances and make errors, then learn from them and go on. Do your best—don’t do any harm to others—do your best. “That’s all you’ve got.”

Even in the darkest of circumstances, she chooses to learn to better herself amid less-than-ideal events.

“These experiences teach me what not to do,” she says, “what may be damaging, what can be cruel, and what can be distracting.” What may make you not give it you’re all in whatever you’re doing? That’s something you’ll have to learn as well. “

And she chooses to convey the things she feels are essential from her position of privilege and power as one of Pakistan’s female role models.

Sania Saeed handbook to life “This term – serious or ambitious – was not given to me by mistake. I pick the characters I portray and how I play them. Ordinary individuals and stories exist as well; I simply choose to recognise the depth in them.”

It’s almost absurd to not select what nourishes your soul, your practical concerns, and the world around you when you choose to perceive everything as a choice. Sania Saeed may have the humility to admit that her success as an actor, as well as the trust put in her by audiences and directors, was a “stroke of luck,” but she is someone who chooses to live each day on her own terms and according to the beliefs she established long ago.

Sania Saeed is as bright as the sun. She reminds you that every day is a new opportunity to make a good decision.

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