QandeelBaloch’s murderer acquitted by court

QandeelBaloch’s murderer acquitted by court: Muhammad Wasim was pardoned by his family after killing his sister, a social media star, in one of Pakistan’s most infamous “honor killings”.
A Pakistani court on Monday acquitted the brother of a social media star who was killed in an “honor killing”.

Qandil Baloch was strangle to death in 2016 when he gain notoriety for his social media posts.

Muhammad Waseem was convicted of killing his sister Baloch and sentenced to life in prison.

QandeelBaloch’s murderer acquitted by court

But after serving less than six years in prison, his parents pardoned him, allowing him to be release under Pakistani law.
A family apology
In Pakistan, Islamic law allows the family of a murder victim to pardon a convicted murderer.
Baloch’s parents initially insisted that their son would not be pardoned. But he later changed his mind and said he wanted to be forgiven.

Her mother’s lawyer said she had “given her consent” to be pardoned.

“I am happy that my son was acquitted, but we are still saddened by the loss of our daughter,” the mother said.

He told reporters that his slain daughter could not return, but I am grateful to the court which ordered the release of my son at our request.

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