Pak Suzuki recalls Alto Alto car

Pak Suzuki recalls Alto

Pak Suzuki Motors has issued a recall for the Alto due to a critical fuel filler neck fault.

A possible malfunction has prompted Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) to initiate a recall for the 2019-2021 Alto. Pak Suzuki Motors posted a public notice on its website. Pak Suzuki advised 660CC Alto owners to visit their local Suzuki dealership to have the problematic part replaced.

PSMC believes the part is prone to rusting and corroding over time. Corrosion could lead to fuel leakage, which could be fatal.

The notice claims that the campaign is countrywide, however it is now only in Karachi. Dealerships in the Twin Cities told Pro Pakistani that the promotion has yet to commence there, without specifying a specific date.

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Problems with Quality Control

PSMC has been corrected for its inadequate quality control on several occasions recently. It was chastised earlier this month for selling an Alto with a sloppy paint job and Its photographs went popular on social media, resulting in serious outrage for the corporation, which was later rectified.

Pak Suzuki recalls Alto

Later that month, Pro Pakistani reported on an incident in which a consumer sued the manufacturer for unjustified denial of a warranty claim.

He filed the claim against the Suzuki Alto AGS, which had a major gearbox problem after four months and 13,000 kilometres. It’s worth noting that the normal warranty is only three years or 60,000 km, whichever comes first.

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