Inspect Holy Family Rwp

My mother spoke to my aunt on the call before they took her to the operating theater for surgery. She was OK, she was healthy, she was doing well.

She was pregnant, and after having five daughters, she was expecting a baby boy.
After the 8th month of her pregnancy, Kotli’s doctors referred us to Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi.

He told us that normal delivery was not possible so he had to undergo surgery.
The operation was scheduled for February 2, but due to some medical reasons, the doctors performed the operation on January 27.

The operation was successful, the baby was born successfully, and she is fine, but the doctors made some mistakes during the operation.
Due to which my mother (my aunt) started bleeding. The doctors were not able to stop her bleeding, they asked us to arrange blood for her. We delivered 27 packets / bottles of blood to them by the morning of January 28th.

At 8:00 am on January 28, she died of a blood clot and was not stitched during the operation. I would say she was not dead, she was killed, the doctors beat her.

Doctors at Holy Family Hospital are highly unprofessional, with most of them new trainees playing with the lives of mothers and newborns for their own experience.

It’s not just my aunt’s business,
This is the condition of every mother who comes to this hospital. Hospitals are considered life-saving, not killing sites.

Therefore, I urge the government to provide us with justice and arrest those responsible for this tragic incident.
Will be treated with iron hands.

I request the government to take action against such institutions and their personnel so that more children can be saved from being orphaned in future.

Finally, I appeal to the government for justice.
I demand justice for us and for the 5 daughters and the newborn of the victim.

I also request the government not to show any mercy to the perpetrators of this murder so that such an incident does not happen again.

#Inspect Holy Family Rwp

Inspect Holy Family Rwp.

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