Forex Trading Platform

As one of the largest platforms is forex trading platform in the world, XTB has an excellent reputation for providing the best trading experience. Since 2002, he has been a space veteran, though not necessarily the most senior (IG may have this distinction).

Yet, with nearly two decades of experience, XTB has developed the advanced technology that it continues to adapt and refine, making it one of the best forex brokers on our list.

After becoming a foreign exchange brokerage house in Poland, it expanded rapidly and now has thirteen offices throughout Europe.

With XTB, you can trade in over 2,100 global markets and access a wide asset class of over 4,000 devices.

These include Forex currency pairs, stocks and ETF CFDs, stocks, indexes, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Currency pairs also include the most popular, such as EUR / USD, GBP / USD, and EUR / GBP.

Trading Platform Overview:

  • XTB offers xStation 5 and xStation 5 mobiles with MT4. xStation 5 is XTB’s
  • proprietary trading app, and it’s comparable to MetaTrader4 in design and functionality.
  • However, it lacks the ability to create custom indicators,
  • which is a key feature in MT4 and is a major player in currency trading.
  • Forex traders also have access to a demo account that gives you $ 100,000 free currency and 200: 1 leverage to play.
  • The demo broker’s trading platform trial is limited to four weeks,
  • so make sure you are ready to start forex trading before signing up for the trial.
  • The Forex Trading Platform has everything you would expect to see in an online forex broker, including comprehensive charts and trading tools,
  • a robust trading calculator, and real-time currency market sentiment information.

Main Features

There is so much to choose from with XTB, a leading forex broker, which must have several features:

Access to thousands of devices: With a few exceptions, you can trade whatever you want. Active traders appreciate numerous options.

Protecting the Negative Balance:

Trading in foreign exchange markets can be stressful, but you will find peace of mind with the knowledge that your losses will never exceed the funds available in your account.

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