Amna Ilyas’s latest dance video goes viral  

Amna Ilyas’s latest dance video

Amna Ilyas has been making people fall in love with her good looks and killer dance moves.
She has 699K people who follow her on Instagram. Known for being the main character in a number of TV shows, including Good Morning Karachi.
Amna Ilyas is a beautiful actress and model from Pakistan. She was born in Karachi on October 11, 1987. In the drama series Zinda Bhaag, she played a supporting role for the first time in 2013.

Amna has been getting a lot of attention for her good looks and amazing dance moves. She put “And then there’s this” as the title of her post. Sorry for making it warmer than it should have been.”

Amna Ilyas sets internet on fire with killer dance performance

But model and actress Amna Ilyas also showed her magic in a special song from the movie called “Aatish.”

The actress from Baaji gave a sneak peek of her performance on Instagram, and it was definitely a high-voltage show.

The role of the protagonist’s character, Chaudhry, has been played by a fellow police officer Tariq Islam Khan.

Chaudhary Aslam Khan joined the Sindh Police force and gained fame after working as an encounter specialist from 1992-1997. He embraced martyrdom on January 9, 2014 in a terror attack on Lyari Expressway.

“There’s also this. “Sorry for making it warmer than it should be!!” she wrote in the video’s caption.

Amna Ilyas’s latest dance video on Instagram

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